Danny Best: Me First!

Danny Best: Me First!| junior fiction | Mitch Vane – Illustrator | ABC Books (HarperCollins) | January 2018


Danny Best is always first.
First to wrestle a wild pig.
First to swim with crocodiles.
First to eat the eyeballs of a dead yak.

If the challenge is EPIC, Danny will be first.

Read this book. It’s filled with four AWESOME stories, each one about Danny Best.

So you’ll be impressed.


Praise for Danny Best: Me First!

Jen Storer has wonderful insight into the language, behaviour and world of children. In Danny Best, she has wonderfully captured both the modern day high-energy life of small neighbourhoods, busy families and grand plans while also paying homage to the children’s classics of old and Danny and his friends will surely trigger fond memories of the Famous Five (if they were led by Dennis the Menace).

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