The Fourteenth Summer of Angus Jack

The Fourteenth Summer of Angus Jack | novel | Lucinda Gifford – (Illustrator) | HarperCollins | August 2015

Funny, exhilarating and a little bit scary; a bewitching blend of Norse mythology and urban fantasy.

Since moving to Australia with their father, Angus Jack and his sister, Martha, have moved house constantly. They end up living next door to a peculiar old lady called Reafen, who is a second-hand dealer. To Angus and Martha, Reafen seems harmless enough. But who is she really and where did she get all the weird stuff in her shop?

Without his knowledge, Reafen draws Angus into her world; into ancient feuds, Wild Magick and bitter rivalries – into the secret dealings of Vikings and goblins and all those who have lived in the Old Realm.


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Praise for The Fourteenth Summer of Angus Jack

‘fresh and utterly compelling … one to share with the whole family. Highly recommended.’

Athina Clarke

Children’s Buyer – Readings Malvern


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