Clarrie’s Pig Day Out

Clarrie’s Pig Day Out | picture book | Sue deGennaro – Illustrator | ABC Books (HarperCollins) | February 2016

A very funny picture book about farmer Clarrie who gets his worms, no! his words, mixed up.

Clarrie is a farmer who loves his chickens and his dog, Bert. So when Clarrie and Bert head out in his jar, whoops, he means car, it turns out to be a day filled with fun and surprises.

Young children will love seeing how Clarrie mixes up his words – and will enjoy correcting them, as well!

Ages: 3 years +

Praise for Clarrie’s Pig Day Out

Jen Storer’s remarkable picture book debut, Clarrie’s Pig Day Out, is a glorious word-fest of hilarity that sends its readers into a sensory-overload frenzy. Its ability to turn absurdity to logic, and back again, is second to none. The Boomerang Books Blog

This is a truly unique picture book that lends to an interactive reading experience and lots of opportunities to learn. CBCA Reading Time